Diameter Op - Register


The Diameter Register operation informs the test application that this script instance is expecting to receive a particular inbound Diameter message in the near future.

In general, the test application will be running many scripts simultaneously. When an inbound Diameter request is received for a new session, the test application needs this mechanism in order to determine which of the currently running scripts should receive the inbound session.

This operation is used by the IN Tester when it is simulating the role of a Diameter Server.


The operation attributes are as follows.

Attribute Type Description
type String diameter.from_server.Register
label String An optional label for this node if it is to be the target of a branch operation.
arguments Object [Required] A structure specifying how to expected inbound Diameter request will be matched.
Expressions may be supplied within this structure.


This is an example entry within the operations array:

    "type": "diameter.from_server.Register",
    "arguments": {
        "session_id": "924a7eab-5589-4a48-a7c6-c920c998d99d"


The following arguments for register requests are supported.

Argument Type Notes
session_id String [Required] The expected inbound session ID to register.