API - JSON ResumeInstance


The ResumeInstance method allows a JSON RPC client to resume a halted Test Instance within a Test Run that is currently executing on the N2SVCD.

The following Test Instance can NOT be resumed:

  1. A Test Instance which is Completed.
  2. A Test Instance which is not Halted.

Request Parameters

The ResumeInstance method has a two parameters:

Parameter Type Description
run_id String The Test Run ID of a previously started Test Run.
instance_id String The Test Instance ID of a halted Test Instance within the Test Run.

Example Request

Here is an example ResumeInstance request.

    "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
    "id" : 1,
    "method" : "ResumeInstance",
    "params" : {
        "run_id" : "tr_9538",
        "instance_id" : "41"

Successful Response

The ResumeInstance result contains only one attribute.

Attribute Type Description
resumed Integer 1 (run was resumed).

If the Test Instance cannot be resumed for any reason, then an RPC error will be returned.

Example Successful Response

Here is a possible successful ResumeInstance response.

    "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
    "id" : "2",
    "result" : {
        "resumed" : "1"