LogicApp Scripts

LogicApp Script Features


The LogicApp is a general purpose application for executing service logic in a Lua sandbox. A Lua script executing within the LogicApp may of course use all the features of the Lua programming language.

But there are specific support functions available which form the core reason for running the script inside the n2svcd environment. These specialist supporting functions are of two key types.

Lua Services

A Lua Service is the mechanism by which a Lua script is initiated within the LogicApp.

A LogicApp Lua script can only run when it is started by a service, and that script has access to only one service during its run-time. The service is responsible for:

Lua Agents

A Lua Agent provides general purpose functions which any Lua script can run. A Lua script may use as many agents as it wishes (including none) during its execution.

A Lua agent acts on behalf of the script to perform a task.