LogicApp Scripts

LogicApp Script Features


The LogicApp is a general purpose application for executing service logic in a Lua sandbox.

A Lua script executing within the LogicApp may of course use all the features of the Lua programming language.

Additionally, there is a library of helper methods including core and pluggable helper methods.

These method are provided by three different sources – Built-In, Lua Services, and Lua Agents.

Regardless of the provider of the method, the implementation will be one of:

Built-In Methods

The Built-In methods provide access to the core functions of the n2svcd framework, such as debugging, EDR generation, and other general-purpose features.

Lua Services

A Lua Service is the mechanism by which a Lua script is initiated within the LogicApp.

A LogicApp Lua script can only run when it is started by a service, and that script has access to only one service during its run-time. The service is responsible for:

Each Service typically provides supporting methods which are only available to scripts which were initated by that service.

Lua Agents

A Lua Agent provides general purpose functions which any Lua script can run.
A Lua script may use as many agents as it wishes (including none) during its execution.

Each Agent provides supporting methods. All scripts may use any installed & configured Agent, regardless of which Lua Service initiated the script.