Resource Drilldown Extended

Resource Drilldown Extended

The Application Summary method returns a list of the available Resource Vectors, and the number of rows in each Resource Vector.

The Resource Drilldown method is an API which provides the contents of an individual Resource Vector lists belonging to a specific application.

A resource column in the resource vector may have type extended. This indicates a resource column whose content is either particularly large, and/or is computationally intensive to generate.

The full value of these extended columns are not included by default within a Resource Drilldown response.

Internally, the ManageApp sends a !MANAGEMENT-RESOURCE-DRILLDOWN-REQUEST message to the application and wait for the corresponding !MANAGEMENT-RESOURCE-DRILLDOWN-RESPONSE message.

HTTP Request

Special characters (including /) in the , , or must be URI percent-encoded.

HTTP Response

In failure, the response is a non-200 HTTP Status, with an optional text/plain Content describing the reason for failure.

In success, the HTTP Response content is a text/plain representation of the single column value.