This message is sent by the IN Tester when it is simulating the role of a Home Location Register (HLR). This causes the tester to generate the effect of an HLR responding to an inbound AnyTimeInterrogationRequest operation, providing the requested information.


The operation attributes are as follows.

Attribute Type Description
type String map.hlr_to_scp.AnyTimeInterrogationRequestResult
label String An optional label for this node if it is to be the target of a branch operation.
send_with_next Boolean Request that this MAP operation should be bundled with the next outbound TCAP.
(Default = false).
send_and_close Boolean Request that this MAP operation should be sent as TCAP END.
(Default = false).
arguments Object [Required] The structure of the MAP anyTimeInterrogationRes to construct and send.
.* Fields as described in N2::MAP::Codec AnyTimeInterrogationRequestResult.


This is an example entry within the operations array:

    "type": "map.hlr_to_scp.AnyTimeInterrogationRequestResult",
    "send_and_close": true,
    "arguments": {
        "subscriberInfo": {
            "locationInformation": {
                "vlr-number_digits": "{$v->{vlr2}}",
                "vlr-number_noa": "3"