Configuration Change Vector


Configuration Vector messages pass between the ManageApp and any other application (including itself) to request that the application update a configuration vector, by performing an insert/update/delete action.

The target application itself chooses which of its configuration vectors are published via the management messages interface, and which of those vector rows may be deleted or updated, and which fields within that row may be updated (or inserted, if row inserts are supported).

The target application is responsible for performing validation checks on the submitted values, and may decline to honor the request. It may decide to apply adjusted values, and (for inserts) may apply defaults to fields which have no requested value. The target application must report back the final row values which were updated or inserted.

The target application is responsible for applying the effects of the change, which may include immediate updates, or delayed updates.

Note that the change affects the running configuration only. The change is ephemeral, and will be lost if the application is restarted.


The !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-VECTOR-REQUEST message is sent by ManageApp to any application (including itself and the WatchdogApp) in order to request a change action (insert/update/delete) for an application configuration vector table.

The request fields are:

Field Type Description
configuration_key String [Required] The key value of the configuration to be updated.
action insert/update/delete [Required] The type of action to perform against the vector.
configuration_row_key Scalar [Required for update/delete] The row key to modify or remove.
new_values Object [Required for insert/update] The requested new values for the configuration vector entry.


The !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-VECTOR-RESPONSE message is returned to the ManageApp by the application to confirm or decline the requested configuration change.

The response fields are:

Field Type Description
success 0/1 [Required] Indicates if the configuration vector change was successful.
error String When success = 0, describes the reason that the request was not successful, and all subsequent fields are not present.
configuration_key String [Required] Confirms the key value of the configuration which was updated.
action insert/update/delete [Required] Confirms the action that was performed.
configuration_row_key Scalar [Required] The before/after row key that was insert/update/delete changed.
new_values Object [Required for insert/update] All current values of the configuration entry.
This may include additional or overridden values which were set by the service.