Package Overview

The N-Squared Service Daemon (N2SVCD) software is packaged as n2svcd. This package is designed to be installed on Linux based systems such as Red Hat Linux and Debian. Installation is performed using standard package management tools - yum and rpm on Red Hat based systems, apt and dpkg on debian based systems.

The n2svcd package provides core functionality such as common codecs, the message-passing framework, application base classes, and several “Helper” applications.

The primary service logic applications are provided separately in additional packages such as n2sip, n2dsg, n2acd, n2qd.

OS Support

The N-Squared Service Daemon is officially supported on the following systems:

Red Hat 8 and 9 based systems:

Red Hat 7 based systems:

Debian based systems:

In practice, the Service Daemon will run on any relatively modern Debian or Red Hat based distribution (including CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux) with appropriate adjustments to these installation instructions.

Minimum Server Requirements

The Services Daemon is a powerful service logic execution environment (SLEE) yet can run on lightly resourced virtual machines. N2SVCD is capable of being both horizontally and vertically scaled to achieve planned transactional volumes.

A minimum server environment would consist of:

  1. Disk space of 5Gb above the minimum installation required for the Linux distribution being installed.
  2. At least 4Gb of RAM.
  3. At least one 2.4GHz vCPU, or equivalent.

In practice, a virtual machine with 30Gb of disk, 4Gb of RAM and two 2.4GHz vCPU will provide the necessary resources to run N2SVCD under light load.