PATH: StartRun


A REST-S-REQUEST to the RestTestLuaService with a path ending in /StartRun requests that a new Test Run be initiated, consisting of one or more Lua instances.

The REST-S-RESPONSE response in the case of failure is a 500 status code with a text/plain error message body.

Start Run

The attributes of the test run are supplied as follows:

Field Type Description
query_args Table The query args from the `?` component of the URI are extracted into a table.
If a query arg is repeated, the final value is used.
The complete list of query args is passed to each Lua script instance.
In addition, the following query args have a special interpretation.
"run_id" String This must be a unique run ID. It cannot refer to any current or recent Test Run.
The run ID is used for subsequent polling for run completion.
The run ID is used as the script key for the management API and for the `SCRIPT_KEY` global variable.
"trace_level" 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 Specifies the request trace level for the test run.
0 = None, 1 = Debug, 2 = Dump, 3 = Spam.
If load_details is also enabled, this is used for the trace level of subsequent instances.
If tracel level 0 (None) is specified for the first instance, it will be treated as 1 (Debug). (Default = trace/match level 1 (Debug) is used for the first instance only).
"load_details" 0 / 1 Requests that instances beyond the first instance for the run should also have trace/match enabled.
(Default = tracing/matching enabled only for first instance in a run).
"auto_srp_prearranged_end" 0 / 1 Silently apply TCAP pre-arranged end to unclosed `srp.scp` transactions at the end of each instance.
(Default = silently close SRP/SRP transactions).
"distribution.type" String single (one instance), load (bounded by backlog) or linear (bounded by rate and backlog).
"" Integer Total number of Test Instances to execute.
Not used for distribution.type = single.
"distribution.backlog" Integer Maximum backlog of Test Instances in progress.
Not used for distribution.type = single.
"distribution.cps" Integer Target rate of Test Instances started per second.
Used only for distribution.type = linear.
"scp.*" Various Various query args scp.dssn, scp.dpc, scp.dgt_digits, etc. are not processed directly by the RestTesterLuaService, but are commonly used by TCAP test scripts for the purpose of constructing the SCCP Destination Routing Address for delivering TCAP to the SCP node.
Refer to the TCAP Lua Agent API for details.

The REST response in the case of success is a 200 status code with application/json content type.

The JSON object represented in the content body is:

Field Type Description
success 1 This indicates success.