The N-Squared Service Daemon is a general purpose package providing the run-time message-passing service for various different N-Squared solutions, including the following N-Squared software products:

This Technical Guide describes the installation and configuration of the N-Squared N2SVCD Service Dameon.

N2SVCD Applications

The N2SVCD consists of a message-passing layer, and an extensible Application framework, which is used by the individual N2SVCD "Applications".

There are two applications which exist purely for system administration purposes:

Most Applications included in this base package are "Helper Applications" - i.e. client interfaces to external server interfaces for a particular protocol.

The TesterApp is slightly different, it is a "Service Application" which interacts with many of the above "Helper Applications" to implement complex testing services:

The configuration for all of the above applications is described in this Technical Guide (see the relevant item under the N2SVCD Config menu).

Other Service Applications are packaged in separate modules, such as the PiPlusApp, the TollFreeApp, the SrpApp, and so on. These are offered as separate products, and are documented separately with the relevant product material.

TesterApp JSON-RPC Interface

This Technical Guide also contains the detailed Specification for the JSON-RPC Test Execution Interface provided by the TesterApp. The JSON-RPC Test Management interface is how the IN Tester GUI initiates test execution requests and queries in-progress test executions. External agents may use this interface to perform their own test execution directly, bypassing the IN Tester GUI.