MML Client Application Configuration

The N2SVCD MML Client Application is a protocol gateway application which can perform outbound client requests using a Man-Machine Language (MML).

Specifically, this Client Application uses MML syntax and semantics which are compatible with the Oracle OCNCC “Provisioning Interface” service component running on an Oracle SMF node.

The N-Squared TesterApp from the IN Tester can execute PI tests using either:

The following configuration is used to create an MML Client Application instance to act as a protocol gateway to an Oracle OCNCC Provisioning Interface over PI. A single MML Client Application instance will maintain a pool of connections to a single PI Server Address.

If you need to connect to more than one remote PI Server Address via MML, you must configure multiple MML Client Application instances (each with unique names).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <application name="PI-SMF01" module="MmlClientApp">
        <parameter name="remote_host" value=""/>
        <parameter name="remote_port" value="4999"/>
        <parameter name="username" value="admin"/>
        <parameter name="password" value="admin"/>
        <parameter name="num_client_connections" value="3"/>

Note that from N2SVCD 7.4.0 onwards, MmlClientApp replaces the earlier PIApp. When upgrading, simply change your configuration to specify the new module and lib as follows.

Pre 7.4.0.

    <application name="PI-SMS" module="PIApp">

Version 7.4.0 or later.

    <application name="PI-SMS" module="MmlClientApp">

Configuration Details

The application element attributes for an MML Application instance may include the below.

For details of the various parameter types used, refer to Common Configuration.

Parameter Name Type XML Type Description
See: Common Application configuration
See: TCP Application configuration
module String Attribute [Required] MmlClientApp
include.lib String Element [Required] ../apps/mml_c/lib
parameters Array Element [Required] As per Common Configuration Application parameters.
"edr_enabled" - - This value is ignored; the MML Application does not support writing EDRs.
"socket_mode" String Attribute The MML Application supports only connect (TCP Client).
(Default = connect)
"local_port" Positive Integer Attribute As per common TCP configuration for local_port.
(Default = 4999)
"remote_port" Positive Integer Attribute As per common TCP configuration for remote_port.
(Default = 4999)
"username" String Attribute [Required] Username to present to OCNCC PI as credentials.
"password" String Attribute [Required] Password to present to OCNCC PI as credentials.

When using MML, the PI Application will open a number (equal to num_client_connections) of permanent connections to the NCC Server. Each connection will be logged in, and the connection will be re-used for subsequent MML requests (although with only one outstanding request per connection at any time, as required by the OCNCC PI Server).

Message Handling

In addition to the common Application management messages, the MmlClientApp uses the following messages: