Configuration Drilldown


Configuration Drilldown messages pass between the ManageApp and any other application (including itself) to request and return the contents of a configuration vector for the purposes of run-time platform administration.


The !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-DRILLDOWN-REQUEST message is sent by ManageApp to any application (including itself and the WatchdogApp) in order to drilldown into the details of a configuration vector.

The request attributes are:

Field Type Description
configuration_key String [Required] A value which matches the key of a configuration vector.
configuration_row_key String An optional identifier which requests that only a single configuration row is returned, along with the full content of any columns of type "extended". When this attribute is not present, then all rows of the configuration vector are returned, but "extended" configuration vector content is not included.


The !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-DRILLDOWN-RESPONSE message is returned to the ManageApp by the application providing drilldown details of the requested configuration vector.

The response fields are:

Field Type Description
success 0/1 [Required] Indicates if the configuration vector drilldown request was successful.
error String When success = 0, describes the reason that the request was not successful, and all subsequent fields are not present.
configuration_key String [Required] Confirms the configuration vector key which was provided in the request.
columns Array of Object [Required] An ordered array of configuration vector column descriptors. See documentation below.
_insert 0/1 Indicates that new rows may be added to this configuration vector (assuming permission). (Default = 0)
list Array of Object [Required] An ordered array of vector row entries (may be empty).
.* Scalar Any key value may be present which matches a column key from the columns array.
._update 0/1 Row flag that editable columns may be edited (assuming permission). (Default = 0)
._delete 0/1 Row flag that the row may be deleted (assuming permission). (Default = 0)

Configuration Columns

Each object in the columns array returned in !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-DRILLDOWN-RESPONSE describes a column in the configuration vector. The column descriptor has the following attributes.

Note that the first column is special. The values of this first column must be unique, and contains the row key (configuration_row_key) for drilldown requests and also for configuration vector row changes.

Field Type Description
key string [Required] The key for this column for each object within the list array.
name String [Required] The human-readable name for this column.
type choice/ string/ integer/ boolean/ tv/ abort/ extended / operation [Required] The type of the column for rendering/editing purposes. Indicates the underlying type for this scalar. This may be used to decide how to render the value visually. When a configuration vector column is also editable, then it implies data entry checking rules.
choice entries should also have a values list of permitted values.
string entries have no special formatting, and are typically left-aligned.
integer entries have no special formatting, and are typically center-aligned.
boolean entries have value = 0/1/undef, displayed as "YES"/"NO"/"", center-aligned.
tv entries are array [epoch, microseconds] from gettimeofday, and are never editable.
abort is an abort string, which may be displayed in a shortened form, and is never editable.
extended indicates a multi-line text field. The full value is only returned in single-row drilldown.
(Default = string)
description String Optional "help text" for this column header and/or column values.
editable 0/1 The configuration column value may be edited by an authorized administrator (assuming other conditions).
A column must also have a defined type in order for it to be considered editable.
(Default = vector column is not editable)
values Array of String For configuration vector columns of type = choice. The list of permitted values for this column.
(Default = constraint cannot be checked)
minlen Integer For configuration vector columns of type = string, minimum length in characters for new value.
(Default = No minimum length for string, empty string is permitted)
maxlen Integer For configuration vector columns of type = string, maximum length in characters for new value.
(Default = No maximum length for string)
min Integer For configuration vector columns of type = integer, minimum integer value for new value.
(Default = 0, any non-negative value may be provided)
max Integer For configuration vector columns of type = integer, maximum integer value for new value.
(Default = not specified, any maximum value may be provided)
optional 0 / 1 / undef For `integer` values only, indicates that the value may be missing.
(Default = the integer value is not optional)