Configuration Set Scalar


Configuration Scalar messages pass between the ManageApp and any other application (including itself) to request that the application update an editable configuration scalar variable.

The target application itself chooses which of its configuration variables are published via the management messages interface, and which of those scalars are readonly/editable.

The target application is responsible for performing validation checks on the submitted value, and may decline to honor the request. It may decide to apply an adjusted value.
The target application must report back the value it actually applied.

The target application is responsible for setting the variable to the requested new value, which may include immediate updates, or delayed updates.

Note that the newly set value affects the running configuration only, it is ephemeral and will be lost if the application is restarted.


The !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-SCALAR-REQUEST message is sent by ManageApp to any application (including itself and the WatchdogApp) in order to set a new value for an application scalar configuration value.

The request fields are:

Field Type Description
configuration_key String [Required] The key value of the configuration to be set.
new_value String [Required] The requested new value for the configuration parameter.


The !MANAGEMENT-CONFIGURATION-SCALAR-RESPONSE message is returned to the ManageApp by the application to confirm or decline the requested configuration scalar value setting.

The response fields are:

Field Type Description
success 0/1 [Required] Indicates if the configuration scalar set was successful.
error String When success = 0, describes the reason that the request was not successful, and all subsequent fields are not present.
configuration_key String [Required] Confirms the key value of the configuration which was updated.
new_value String [Required] Confirms the new value set for the configuration parameter.
This may be different from the requested new value.
note String An optional note that should be displayed to the administrator, e.g. describing partial success, or describing other actions which are recommended to be performed.