TCAP Application Context Aliases


When sending TCAP messages, the Application Context (AC) in the dialogue portion indicates the intended service for the message. These values are a reference to an explicitly defined set of the TC-User Application Service Elements, related options, and any other necessary information for the interworking of two TC-Users during an instance of communication.

The N2SVCD platform allows for generated ACs to be arbitrarily defined or be specified as an alias value for well-known ACs.

TCAP AC Aliases

The following aliases are available when specifying TCAP ACs:

Alias Value Description
0x04000101010000 Application Context for ETSI INAP.
camel1 0x04000001003200 Application Context for CAMEL v1.
camel2 0x04000001003201 Application Context for CAMEL v2 (SSF to SCF).
camel3 0x04000001150304 Application Context for CAMEL v3 (SSF to SCF).
camel4 0x04000001170304 Application Context for CAMEL v4 (SSF to SCF).
ussd2 0x04000001001302 Application Context for Network Unstructured SS v2.
ati3 0x04000001001D03 Application Context for MAP ATI v3.