Record Methods


The record methods are used to access the statistics and Event Data Record features of the n2svcd framework.

These methods are accessed via the “n2.n2svcd” module:

    local n2svcd = require "n2.n2svcd"

.stat_increment [Synchronous]

The stat_increment method increments a statistics counter within the LogicApp.

The current statistics counter values can be viewed via the HTTP management console.

The statistics counters will be relayed to a StatsD collection agent if this is configured in the n2svcd.xml configuration file.

Parameter Type Description
name String The name of the StatsD statistic to increment.


    n2svcd.stat_increment ("feedback.success")

The stat_increment method returns true.

.write_edr [Synchronous]

The write_edr method requests generation of an EDR of the indicated type, and with the indicated EDR attribute values.

EDR records will be sent to the EDR Application by the LogicApp.

This requires that the executing LogicApp have EDRs enabled using the edr_enabled flag in the n2svcd.xml configuration file.

This requires that an EDR Application be running, and the the executing LogicApp be configured to send to the EDR app.

This requires that the EDR stream key be configured in the EDR application. By default, the LogicApp’s stream key will be used. However, the calling LUA logic may specify an alternate stream key.

Parameter Type Description
event_name String The name of the event type to log.
This is recorded in the Event Type field within the EDR output file.
fields Table A Lua Table of additional fields to log for this event.
Each element of the fields Table must have a value which is Scalar or List of Scalar.
stream_key Table An optional stream key, if this EDR is to be written to a non-default EDR stream.
This stream key must refer to a known, pre-configured stream key in the EdrApp.
(Default = The default configured for the LogicApp)


    n2svcd.write_edr ("FEEDBACK", { MSISDN = input.msisdn, SUCCESS = 1, MYLIST = { "First", "Second" } })

The write_edr method returns true.