JSLEE Health Status

The N2JSLEE uses a list of health check statuses that are used for both Current and Previous application states when performing health checks.

These statuses are used by:

The following statuses are available:

Status Description
Initialising The component is in the process of starting up.
Up The component is up and running.
Down - Configuration The component failed to start due to failing pre-initialisation tasks. The component cannot start.
Down - Error The component failed its async deployment checks during initialisation.
Down - Transient The component failed to connect to an external service and is down.
Down - Permanent The component has been stopped and is permanently down.
Disabled The component is disabled and will not be started.
Disabling The component is in the process of being disabled.
Enabling The component is in the process of being enabled.
Enabled The component is enabled.
Quiescing The component is stopping.
Removing The component has stopped and is being removed from the active list.
Unknown The health check service was unable to determine the health of the component.