Redis commands that are sent to a Redis server will generate a EDR, if an EDR sink is configured and enabled for the JSLEE Redis service.

In addition to the common fields written for all EDRs, EDRs generated by the Redis service have several additional fields and semantic notes for existing fields.

Redis service EDRs have a type of redis-command.

Additional Fields

The Redis service may write the following additional fields to EDRs:

Field Type Presence Description
started-timestamp Timestamp Always The time that the request to the Redis server was sent. This can be compared to the event-timestamp field, which is when the response was received, to get a duration between the request and response.
queue-name String Conditional The Redis list that the command is for, if the command used targets a specific configured queue. The queue targeted will be a sink, source, error or processing queue as configured for a Redis service endpoint.
redis-command String Always The name of the Redis command that is sent to the server.

Standard Fields Semantics

When the Redis service writes standard EDR fields, the following notes apply:

Field Notes
status-message This field will be the text string OK if the Redis command succeeded, and will otherwise store the error message received from the Redis server.