Composable Functions

A JSLEE deployment is generally the configuration of one or more key functional services. These functional services are often supported by one or more composed functions.

Composed functions are split between composable modules and composable services.

Composable Function Description
Authentication The authentication service provides general authentication access to other JSLEE modules. JSLEE modules do not each implement their own authentication frameworks - instead a central authentication module performs this service.
EDR Transport The EDR module provides EDR transport configuration to store EDRs generated by a service. Storage options vary, including Redis, disk-file and Amazon S3.
High Availability The high availability module provides a per-service rules-based general solution for message retry and failure management.
Notifications The notification service provides a general mechanism for JSLEE services to generate notifications to other JSLEE services.
Number Normalisation The normalisation module provides standardised rules-based transformation functionality to services.
Script Engine The script engine implementations provide a mechanism for site-specific business logic scripting functionality using JLEE messages and features. Scripting may be composable either as a Service, or (if a service supports it) as an integrated mechanism for extending service features.
TCP Options Common options for TCP/IP configuration are available for services.