Web Services

The JSLEE web-services service supports general communication over HTTP between a HTTP server and client. The JSLEE itself can act as either a server, or a client.

As a server, the JSLEE web-services service will accept incoming HTTP requests and respond to these using a separate JSLEE service, such as a script-engine service.

As a client, the JSLEE web-services service may be used by other JSLEE services to send HTTP requests to a remote server, returning the HTTP response back to originating service.

When used in client mode, HTTP requests are defined as templates. When performing a HTTP request, the dynamic template data is provided by the source JSLEE service. The HTTP web-services engine then generates the appropriate HTTP content from this data, and an associated configured template.

All HTTP requests are made as synchronous HTTP requests over HTTP/1.1. In this version of the JSLEE, HTTP/2 is not supported.