JSLEE Execution

Execution Model

The JSLEE can be executed in multiple ways.

As System Service

After installation of the n2jslee package, the application is available as a system service.

For platforms using Upstart, the service can be started with the command:

start n2jslee

For platforms using systemd, the service can be started with the command:

systemctl start n2jslee

Other service commands such as stop and restart may also be used.

By Standalone Server

Alternately, the server can be run manually with a command such as:

java -jar n2jslee.jar nz.co.nsquared.slee.core.JSLEEServer /path/to/server.json

This executes the JSLEE server directly with the configuration file specified.

To control log output, use the Java configuration mechanism to pass logback.configurationFile in:

java -Dlogback.configurationFile=/path/to/logback.xml -jar n2jslee.jar nz.co.nsquared.slee.core.JSLEEServer /path/to/server.json

Refer to the installation logging instructions and logging documentation for further details.