Monitoring and Managing Hazelcast


The JSLEE platform builds its cluster on Hazelcast which provides a comprehensive management console called the Hazelcast Management Center. The Management Center may be used with the JSLEE for monitoring the health of the cluster layer of the JSLEE.


The Hazelcast Management Center is not enabled by default, and must be configured in each Hazelcast configuration file individually (see the installation guide for more details on this configuring Hazelcast for the JSLEE).

To enable the Management Center, the following configuration section must be uncommented in the hazelcast.xml configuration file, and the appropriate IP address and port must be referenced:

<management-center enabled="true">

Running the Management Center

Detailed documentation on running the Hazelcast Management Center is available on the official site. For development and testing, the following command will run the management center:

java -jar hazelcast-mancenter-3.12.8.war 6039 hazelcast-mancenter