JSLEE Services provide functional features to a JSLEE instance. Which services are run, and in what structure determine what features fo the JSLEE are available for use.

Service Description
Batch Processing The batch processing service generates internal JSLEE events to other services by watching for batch jobs from filesystem input.
Diameter Gateway The Diameter Gateway supports multiple use cases, including as a high-performance Diameter relay agent, and as a diameter gateway for credit control.
Email Service The email service allows the sending of emails to external parties.
Interaction Manager The Interaction Manager is used to send notifications to external entities via email and SMS on behalf of other JSLEE services.
Redis The Redis service integrates with the Redis key/value storage system.
SMPP The SMPP service acts as a SMPP proxy, acting as either a SME or MC within a SMPP network.
SMS Gateway The SMS Gateway orchestrates high-throughput communication between the Redis service and the SMPP service, streaming messages to/from each service.
Diameter The Diameter service provides Diameter traffic message and proxy functionality.