JSLEE Alarms


Alarms in the JSLEE are generated depending on the output of the logging framework.

If the logging appender used writes to the system log, rsyslogd, in conjunction with its omsnmp module, can be used to forward SNMP traps for management purposes.

Debug and trace output is never sent to the system log.

Required Packages

Consult the appropriate documentation for your operating system in order to install the rsyslog application and its omsnmp module.


Update the rsyslog configuration file (e.g. /etc/rsyslog.conf for Redhat distributions) to add SNMP configuration to the service, updating the target and/or port as required:

# JSLEE UDP integration
$ModLoad imudp
$UDPServerRun 514

# SNMP forwarding
$ModLoad omsnmp
$actionsnmptransport udp
$actionsnmptarget snmp_target
$actionsnmptargetport 162
$actionsnmpversion 1
$actionsnmpcommunity public
*.* :omsnmp:

Note that the final line in the above may be tuned as required. For example, to send only error, crit, and warning level messages this could be amended to:


Refer to the rsyslog and onsnmp documentation for further details.

Once the configuration has been updated, restart the rsyslog service according to your operating system, e.g.:

service rsyslog restart


Alarms forwarded using omsnmp are sent in accordance with the Adiscon Monitorware MIB definitions:

These are defined underneath the Adiscon Enterprise number 19406.