The N-Squared SLEE is provided as a software package for installation on both Debian (including Ubuntu) and Red Hat (including CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux) operating systems.

The SLEE runs as the user n2daemon:daemon and its root directory is /opt/nsquared.

OS Support

The N-Squared JSLEE is officially supported on the following:

Red Hat based systems:

Debian based systems:

In practice, the JSLEE will run on any system that runs Java 11 or later, particularly any Debian or Red Hat based distribution (including CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux) with appropriate adjustments to these installation instructions.

Minimum Server Requirements

The JSLEE is a powerful horizontally and vertically scalable charging system yet can run on lightly resourced virtual machines.

A minimum server environment would consist of:

In practice, a virtual machine with 30Gb of disk, 4Gb of RAM and two 2.4GHz vCPU will provide the necessary resources to run a lightly loaded JSLEE service.