Diameter Gateway


The JSLEE Diameter Service provides robust and configurable support for the management and processing of Diameter traffic, both as a client or server for transactional messaging, and also as a high-performance proxy for loadsharing or routing requests. When enabling the JSLEE Diameter service, the JSLEE acts as one or more “Diameter Nodes” and may integrate with many Diameter peers.

The JSLEE may be deployed as either a Diameter Server, for credit control integrated with the N-Squared OCS, or a general purpose Diameter Agent, which may relay, redirect, translate and proxy Diameter messages.

The JSLEE Diameter stack may be deployed as a Diameter Client if required as well, allowing custom services to generate Diameter messages, such as custom Diameter Event messages for business-specific purposes.


To deploy the JSLEE as a Diameter Node, each peer connection the JSLEE service will maintain must be first configured. The majority of the necessary configuration is covered by the General Diameter Configuration documentation.

Deployment Models

Diameter Agent

The JSLEE may be deployed as a high-throughput Diameter Agent, conforming to RFC6733 for the relay, translation, and proxy of Diameter messages between Diameter peers. As an agent, the JSLEE can:

  1. Relay/proxy messages as-is with round-robin or primary/secondary distribution models.
  2. Relay/proxy messages with session affinity, directing inbound messages to the same Diameter client outbound where possible, optionally failing over to secondary connections on primary failure.
  3. Intelligently route messages based on routing rules defined by configuration and with routing information retrieved from text files, JDBC, or other custom data sources.
  4. Translate messages, adjusting message content through the Scripting Engine, The Translator service, or via custom built services for the JSLEE.

Configuration for the Diameter Agent is covered in the Diameter Agent configuration guide.

Diameter Credit Control

The JSLEE Diameter stack may be deployed as a credit control server with integration into the N-Squared OCS. Tightly integrated with the JSLEE Translator service, the JSLEE with credit control integration performs credit control session management, with individual credit control INITIAL, UPDATE and TERMINATE requests transferred to a JSLEE translator service instance for translation for the N-Squared OCS.

Configuration for Diameter Credit Control is covered in the Diameter Credit Control configuration guide.