Client Configuration


The JSLEE diameter gateway supports outbound Diameter connections using Diameter client endpoints. To define a Diameter client, configure a Diameter service with is-server as false, and a remote-server configuration value:

    "diam-out-1": {
      "handler": "",
      "instance-count": 1,
      "configuration": {
        "endpoints": [
            "port": 3868,
            "remote-server": "",
            "origin-host": "",
            "is-server": false

A diameter client configuration defines the origin, but not the destination realm and host. Destination realm/host information will be gathered from the servers that the JSLEE diameter client connects to.

In this way, the diameter client can determine Diameter realms and hosts it has connection to, without static configuration in the JSLEE configuration file.

Each host IP and port must be configured separately. To connect to multiple Diameter servers, multiple endpoint connections must be defined. While each endpoint must be defined separately, all destination host and realm details are managed as a consolidated set across all endpoints within a single service instance.

Multiple Service Instance

Note that if the service itself is configured with an instance-count greater than 1, then the JSLEE will run multiple service instances, and each instance will create and maintain its own TCP/IP connection to each endpoint defined. From a network perspective multiple connections will be maintained.