Configuration - Core Jarvis

The N2C5 configuration file is a Jarvis configuration file in XML format.

This file contains both core Jarvis configuration parameters, and also custom N2C5 parameters. The standard Jarvis parameters are all described in detail in the Jarvis Documentation. They are summarised here for convenience.

The "jarvis" element is the root container for Jarvis configuration.


Application Element

Inside here, the "app" element defines the configuration for the N2C5 application.

<app use_placeholders="yes" format="json" debug="no" dump="no" log_format="[%P/%A/%U/%D] %M">

It has the following attributes:

Tracker Configuration

The "tracker" element configures behaviour for the Jarvis "Tracker" application.

<tracker logins="no" requests="no" errors="no">

The Jarvis "tracker" application is an optional component which logs Jarvis requests into a dedicated standalone database (not the SMF database). This information can be useful for performance and user-pattern analysis, as well as for an independent auditing tool. However, the "Tracker" application is disabled by default and should only be enabled if requested by N-Squared software.

Router Configuration

The "router" element informs Jarvis of RESTful routes which allows the arguments to be used as named parameters in our queries. This configuration should not be modified.

    <route path="/rate_table/:id" dataset="rate_table"/>
    <route path="/tariff_plan_selector/:id" dataset="tariff_plan_selector"/>

Library & Dataset Paths

The "default_libs" element informs Jarvis which directories should be searched for runtime modules. The install-time values should not be modified.

  <lib path="/usr/share/n2c5-dev/jarvis/plugin"/>
  <lib path="/usr/share/n2c5-dev/jarvis/hook"/>
  <lib path="/usr/share/n2c5-dev/jarvis/login"/>
  <lib path="/usr/share/n2c5-dev/lib"/>

The "dataset_dir" attribute informs Jarvis which directories should be searched for SQL configuration files. The install-time value should not be modified.


Session Database

The "sessiondb" attribute defines the configuration and storage location for N2C5 session cookie information.

<sessiondb store="driver:file;serializer:default;id:md5" expiry="+1M" cookie="N2C5_CGISESSID">
  <parameter name="Directory" value="/tmp"/>

Note: By default, multiple parallel N2C5 installs (e.g. "model", "test", "dev") will share a common cookie name "N2C5_CGISESSID" and storage directory "/tmp/". This means that logging into any installation will automatically give you access to the other two. If this is not desirable, then change the cookie names to distinct values.

NCC Database

The "database" element configures parameters for the external DBI database connections used by Jarvis. There is currently only one database connection used by N2C5, and it has the following parameters.

<database name="smf" username="smf" password="s3cur3"
    connect="dbi:Oracle:host=;port=1521;sid=SMF" />

Other configuration parameters are described in the following sections. Note that although plugins are a core Jarvis feature, the nature of their individual configuration means that they have been documented in a separate page, N2C5 - Configuration - Plugins.