Configuration - Adjustment Limits

The N2C5 products supports the ability for users to perform account balance adjustments. The maximum amount of these adjustments is limited according to which templates the users belong to.

Note: The N2C5 system does not have its own user database. All users are SMF Users and all templates are SMF Templates.

Per-Group Limits

This element defines the adjustment limits for each group.

The attribute is defined within the "<jarvis><app>" element. The "adjustment" element contains a "limit" element. This contains one or more "group" elements. E.g.:

<!-- Adjustment limits by SMF template.  Amount in "bigs" (i.e. dollars). -->
    <group name="ACS_BOSS" amount="200"/>
    <group name="CCS Customer Care" amount="10"/>

For each "group", specify the following.

Note: The "Dollar" limit is in CCS "big" units. Please refer to the OCNCC CCS documentation for more information on "bigs" and "smalls" in the CCS currency definition.

Note: If an SMF User has been granted multiple SMF Templates, the largest amount will apply.

Note: If an SMF User does not have any applicable SMF Template, then they will not be granted access to balance adjustment features.

Note: The "adjustment" element is a custom parameter for N2C5. It is not part of the base Jarvis framework.