Configuration - BPL IOR

The OCNCC product provides a CORBA interface on the OCNCC SMF platform to support the various Business Process Logic (BPL) features offered by the OCNCC system. For N2C5, these BPL services include:

The OCNCC component which provides this CORBA BPL interface is the "smsTrigDaemon".

If your N2C5 installation is using these or any other BPL services provided by the smsTrigDaemon, then N2C5 must be configured to know how to access the Interoperable Object Reference (IOR) which specifies the hostname and port number on which the smsTrigDaemon is operating.

The OCNCC service stores all IOR values in its SMF database instance, keyed by a unique Object Name which varies from installation to installation.


This attribute specifies the "OBJ_NAME" of the Business Process Logic IOR in the "IORS" table in the OCNCC SMF database.

The attribute is defined within the "<jarvis><app>" element.


The exact name of this IOR will vary from site to site. It is typically "<smf-hostname>-smsTrigDaemon". However, this should generally be confirmed by performing the following query against the relevant SMF database instance.

SELECT obj_name FROM iors WHERE obj_name LIKE '%smsTrigDaemon';

Note: The "bpl_ior_name" attribute is a custom parameter for N2C5. It is not part of the base Jarvis framework.