Configuration - Dictionary

The N2C5 dictionary file allows certain words and phrases to be mapped from default values to site-specific values. This allows N2C5 to use terminology which more closely matches the preferred local phrases.

The default dictionary file location is:


Multiple side-by-side installations of N2C5 (e.g. n2c5-model, n2c5-test, etc.) may share a common dictionary file for convenience and consistency.

Dictionary Syntax

The dictionary file consists of one translation per line, with each line specifying "{old-value}={new-value}". The old-value is the internal word or phrase. The new-value is the site-specific value which will replace it.

CLI=Card #
Acct Types=Products
Account Number=Serial Number
Account #=Serial #

Note: The N2C5 application does not translate arbitrary words or phrases. Only specific key phrases are available for translation. The original installed dictionary file should list all supported phrases.