Configuration - User Login

N2C5 does not perform its own user management. It uses the user list held in the Oracle OCNCC SMF database.

Each N2C5 instance is connected to a single SMF database. This database connection is defined in the "/etc/jarvis/n2c5-{suffix}.xml" file as described in the Core Jarvis chapter.

The "login" block defines the relevant configuration for N2C5.

<login module="LoginSMF">
  <parameter name="require_https" value="no"/>
  <parameter name="have_screens_user" value="yes"/>
  <parameter name="login_groups" value="TEMPLATE NAME HERE"/>
  <parameter name="admin_read_groups" value="TEMPLATE NAME HERE"/>
  <parameter name="admin_write_groups" value="TEMPLATE NAME HERE"/>

The parameters for the "login" element are:

If a user group belongs to admin_write_groups then they automatically have admin read group access.

Pages that require admin group access are:

SMF Users

All N2C5 users must first be created as SMF users in the indicated database. The following conditions must also be met:

SMF Templates

By default ALL SMF users will have limited access to N2C5. Access to administrator screens such as Products and ACS will only be allowed to members of the admin_read_groups or admin_write_groups (see above).

If you wish to further restrict which particular SMF users may access N2C5 then continue with the following steps.

The chosen SMF template may be an existing OCNCC template, or you may create a new SMF template dedicated to this purpose.

Please refer to your OCNCC SMS documentation for instructions on management of SMF users and templates.

No restart is required in any case.

Note: that existing logged-in sessions will not be affected until they expire.