Configuration - Unit Types

The "unit_type" element is a specialist piece of configuration which controls the rendering of supplementary per-unit (e.g. "Cash", "SMS") expenditure summaries below the per unit-type totals.

Example Configuration

An example configuration is as follows:

<!-- Extra configuration for various unit types.  E.g. showing expenditure in top box. -->
<!-- Note: Highlight entries need to be in ASCENDING total order.  Unit for highlight total is "smalls". -->
<unit_type unit_name="cash">
  <expenditure balance_name="Wallet Exp" label="Expenditure" combined="no"/>
  <expenditure balance_name="Wallet Exp" label="Total Value" combined="yes">
    <highlight total="5000" class="green"/>
    <highlight total="10000" class="orange"/>
    <highlight total="100000" class="yellow"/>

The "unit_type" element has one attribute.

Each "expenditure" element has the following attributes.

The highlight rules are elements with the following attributes:

Sample Screenshot

The following image shows the effect of this configuration:

Unit Types Display

Note: Two expenditure values are shown in this sample:

Note: The mechanism for tracking total expenditure must be implemented in OCNCC CCS. The N2C5 product will only display data which already exists in OCNCC CCS.

Note: The "unit_type" element is a custom parameter for N2C5. It is not part of the base Jarvis framework.