The N2C5 software is provided as Debian packages.

Package Conventions

In order to support multiple N2C5 instances to exist side-by-side, the package name and package directory typically includes a suffix e.g. "-prod", "-model".

E.g. the following package:


This is a package which is will install into the following directories and files:


Typically it will be accessed via a URL such as:


The back-end services are provided by the Jarvis framework, and would be configured in the file:


Typical {suffix} values are "prod", "model", "test" or "dev".


Before installing any N2C5 package, you must first install some pre-requisites. First install the following base packages from N-Squared.


Refer to the separate Jarvis Documentation, including the list of Jarvis pre-requisites.

In addition, you will typically require the following Ubuntu packages. Assuming you have an Internet connection available, you can simply install these via the Ubuntu command-line package manager, apt-get.

* [updated list required] *

Package Installation

Debian packages are installed as the "root" user, e.g.:

dpkg --install n2c5-{suffix}_{version}_all.deb

Package Post-Installation

If this is the first installation of this package, you should compile and install the Perl XS "IDL" module as the "root" user.

cd /usr/share/n2c5-{suffix}/idl
perl Makefile.PL
make install

If this is the first installation of this package, then you must also copy the sample "n2svcd.xml" into the "/etc/jarvis" directory, and configure it to your requirements.

cp /usr/share/n2c5-dev/etc/jarvis/n2c5.xml /etc/jarvis/n2c5-{suffix}.xml

The syntax and interpretation of this configuration file is described in a following section.