Configuration - Reports

The reports element in the N2C5 Configuration file allow us to configure the reports that will be shown to users on the Reports screen.

Jarvis Plug-In's may be used as datasets for the reports or a URL for an action. Each report must be listed separately.

Reports need to be configured by using a block like the following:

<reports output_path="/tmp">
  <report access="*" folder="Subscriber Reports" name="Call Report" js="call-report.js"/>
  <report access="__AdminRead" folder="Subscriber Reports" name="ACS Feature Usage" js="acs-feature-usage.js"/>

The reports tag should only exist once in the configuration.

The following core attributes apply to all report entries.



Reporting on Calls Made

The CallReport module generates a report of calls made by a subscriber/card. It supports the following parameters:

<plugin dataset="call-report" access="*" module="Report::CallReport">
  <parameter name="info" value="Customer Service info..."/>
  <parameter name="img_path" value="/usr/share/n2c5-dev/htdocs/img/logo.jpg"/>

Reporting on NCC ACS Feature Usage

The ACSFeatureUsage module generates the report of features used by each customer SN. It supports the following parameters:

<plugin dataset="acs-feature-usage" access="__AdminRead" module="Report::ACSFeatureUsage"/>

When emailed using the command line script EmailReport, the following parameters are required:


Automatically Generating and Emailing Reports

If you want to automatically generate a report and send it attached to an email regularly you can use the EmailReport tool.

You can find the script to automatically generate reports in the N2C5 bin directory, /usr/share/n2c5-{release}/bin/, where {release} will be prod, dev or model, depending on the installation version you want to use.


./ ReportModuleName [-release=model|prod|dev] [-debug] [-to=';...'] \
  [-kind='Subject prefix'] [-subject='Report'] [-noextra] [param=value]

Note that if the report has no results then no emails/report will be generated.



Must be the name of the report to run without the prefixed Report:: For example: ActivationBreakdown will run the N2C5 Activation Breakdown report which is available (and configured in the /etc/jarvis/ N2C5 configuration) as Report::ActivationBreakdown.


The version of the configuration file to use. The configuration file will be read from /etc/jarvis, and the file read will be /etc/jarvis/n2c5-{release}.xml. This in turn will identify the source of the report logic.

Default value for release is dev if not set.


Turn on debug logging.


Send email to the specified addresses. Multiple addresses can be separated using ;. This is required.


Specify a string to put in the subject before the Report Name in the email subject. Defaults to 'N2C5 Report'.

-subject='email subject'

The email's subject line will default to <kind> - <Report Name>, where <kind> is given by the -kind command line argument. This argument, if given, overrides the argument -kind if also given.


Specify this to disable getting extra information from the report file name to use in the auto generated subject message.

Report Parameters

To pass report parameters from the command line to the report, add the parameters to the command line using the format <parameter name>=<value>. E.g:

./ ActivationBreakdown start_date=2015-01-01

Required Jarvis Configuration

The following mailer configuration is required to for the report emailer. Edit the N2C5 Jarvis configuration file in /etc/jarvis/ and define the mailer configuration:

Example SMTP Mailer configuration

<!-- SMTP Mailer settings -->

Mailer Configuration Options:

The script uses the Perl module Mail::Sender. Additional information can be found in the official documentation.