Troubleshooting - VWS

The N2C5 server connects directly to the Oracle NCC CCS Voucher Wallet Server (VWS) nodes to query subscriber wallet/balance/bucket details and voucher states in real time. These queries are made using the NCC proprietary binary-encoded "FOX" request/response protocol. The VWS protocol is used for the following N2C5 features.

For each subscriber/voucher request, N2C5 performs a query into the NCC SMF database to determine which VWS node is responsible for managing the subscriber or voucher. The SMF "CCS_DOMAIN_NODES" database table provides the IP address and port numbers for the primary and secondary VWS nodes.

You must ensure that firewall routing is correctly configured to allow N2C5 to communicate with these node/port combinations. To determine which IP address and port numbers are being used for VWS, you may either.

  1. Use the relevant CCS screens in the NCC SMF GUI. Refer to the associated NCC user guide.
  2. Enable debug on an N2C5 plugin which accesses the VWS (e.g. "subscriber-wallet") and view the apache error log.