Database Backups

All IN Tester data is stored in a PostgreSQL database. By default this database is called n2in and resides on the IN Tester server, co-located with the n2svcd installation and the user screens.

The IN Tester package when installed will create a cron job (in /etc/cron.d) which automatically performs backups of the IN Tester database. These backups are performed by default twice-weekly on Wednesday and Sunday and all backups are stored in /var/lib/n2in/backup.

Note that only the intest database schema is backed up by this process. The n2in database may include other schemas which will not be backed up by the IN Tester.

Backups are generated using the backup script /usr/share/n2int/bin/ and are kept for a maximum of 84 days before being purged. This 84 day purge timeframe is currently hard-coded in the script.

Log output by the backup process is written to /var/log/n2int.log.

Altering Backup Parameters

It is possible to change the backup frequency and location by editing the cron job in the file /etc/cron.d/n2int. The standard cron format is used for this file.