Accessing an OCNCC EDR

The IN Tester system can be used in conjunction with the Oracle Communications NCC software.

Using this node the IN Tester can be used to retrieve an OCNCC EDR from the SMS system and test EDR values are as expected.

Test Fields



The OCNCC subscriber's MSISDN to use when communicating with the OCNCC PI is required.

Usually the MSISDN is stored in full international format.


  • 64 21 063 5462

Call ID


The call ID (called the call reference number in the Initalise Call Node) is a unique value identifying this call to the SCF and SSF. Usually this number would be a mixture of MSC identifier and a call counter.

This field is required for OCNCC EDR retrieval to identify the single EDR from the system that is to be retrieved and checked.

In general, set this value to the same value used in the Initialise Call node.

When setting this option to system generated the call ID is taken from the generated value used for the Initialise Call Call Reference Number field.


  • 1d3980e329

Type of EDR


The EDR type refers to the OCNCC EDR type number that is included in all system EDRs to identify the event that triggered the EDR.

For example, a normal voice call through the platform will trigger a EDR with EDR type 1.

EDR Field


EDRs consist of multiple fields. Field names are most often upper case words, such as COSTS or TN.

EDR Field Value


EDR fields may have a value, or may not. The type of value entirely depends on the field being compared.


  • R*W is a valid value for the field DISCOUNT_TYPE
  • 14700 is a valid value for the field COSTS (indicating 15700 littles was the cost of a call).
  • 14700,4000 is also a valid value for the field COSTS (indicating 15700 littles was the cost of a call from the first balance type, and 4000 littles from the second balance type).