Custom JSON Node

This node allows for an arbitrary test flow node to be defined within the test.

Test Fields

JSON Definition


The node definition in JSON. Please refer to the IN Tester Test Internals documentation for more information on the form of JSON node definitions.


  • This shows how a "wait" node could be defined. Note that the wait node has built-in support so defining it in a custom JSON node is unnecessary.
  "type": "wait",
  "arguments": {
    "seconds": "3"
  • This is an example of an assert node:
  "type": "assert",
  "expression": "$i->{PI}{'CCSCD1=QRY'}{returned}{BALANCE} == 5000",
  "warning": "Subscriber balance is not 5000 as expected",
  "pass": "Subscriber balance is 5000 as expected"