GENBAND Furnish Charging Information

This node supports the GENBAND variant of the standard CS1 FurnishChargingInformation operation.

The binary FCI details are provided as a set of key/value binary pairs in a list. Keys are always two bytes in length, values are always 20 bytes in lengths.

Test Fields

GENBAND Furnish Charging Characteristics


The Furnish Charging Information message provides charging data to the SSP from the SCP.

The GENBAND specific format of this message is to encode the FCI data into 1 or more tag/value fields.

Tags are 2 bytes (4 hex digits) long.

Values are 20 bytes (40 hex digits) long.

The final tag/value field must always be set with a tag of 0x999c, and a value field of 20 0 bytes (0x0000...).


  • none

Ensure Content Exactly Matches Test

required, custom

Normally, when comparing the received FCI to the FCI defined in the test, the server will not ensure that FCI tag/value pairs occur in the order received, nor will it check that only the tag/value paris listed occur.

If this checkbox is checked, test execution will verify that the tag/value pairs received in the FCI are exactly (and only) those listed. The value of each tag/value pair can continue to be untested if desired (only tht tags are explicitly checked).