Setting and Comparing the Subscriber State

When used in conjunction with the Oracle OCNCC software system and the OCNCC Voucher and Wallet Server (VWS) the IN Tester integrates with OCNCC to provide the ability to update check the subscriber wallet state.

Note that some documentation uses the term status in place of state. The wallet status and wallet state are equivalent. In this documentation the term state is used.

This node supports:

PI connections are configured in the IN Tester service daemon on the server. Refer to the service daemon configuration documentation for further information on this process.

Test Fields


required, custom

Choose the action to perform against the subscriber's wallet state. Options are:

  • Set This will change the primary or secondary wallet state for the subscriber to the requested state.
  • Compare This will retrieve the primary or secondary wallet state from the VWS server and compare it to the value given.
  • Retrieve and store This will retrieve the primary or secondary wallet state, and store it internally for later comparison in the test.



The OCNCC subscriber's MSISDN to use when communicating with the OCNCC PI is required.

Usually the MSISDN is stored in full international format.


  • 64 21 063 5462

Wallet State


The wallet state to set or compare against. Please refer to the OCNCC documentation for full details on the semantics of each of these states.

  • P Preuse
  • A Active
  • D Dormant
  • F Frozen
  • S Suspended
  • T Terminated

Wallet Type


Whether the subscriber's primary or secondary wallet will be set, compared or retrieved. While all subscribers will have a primary wallet, not all will have a secondary wallet.