Release Call


An SCP LUA script may request that the call be ended by sending INAP ReleaseCall on the SSP transaction.

If an SRP is currently open then a prior DisconnectForwardConnection will be sent on the SSP transaction, and any external SRP transaction will be ended according to the applicable SRP configuration.

No further telephony methods are permitted after performing release_call.

The LhoScpLuaService Release Call API


The release_call method takes the following arguments:

Attribute Type Description
cause 0 - 127 Specify an explicit release cause.
(Default = as configured in LhoScpApp).

The release_call method returns true immediately.

Example (releasing with default release code):

    local n2svcd = require "n2.n2svcd"
    local scp_api = require "n2.n2svcd.scp"

    local handler = function (scp_call)

        scp_api.release_call ()


    return n2svcd.handler (handler)