Diameter Configuration

N2SVCD Diameter Configuration

In order to send Diameter messages to an OCS, the DSG-SCP application must communicate with an N2SVCD Diameter application (identified via the parameter diameter_app_name).

Note that the DSG-SCP will handle the setting of the Destination-Host AVP in outbound messages as:

For this behaviour to apply, the N2SVCD parameter force_destination_host must be explicitly set to false. Otherwise, the default behaviour of always setting the Destination-Host from the connection handshake response is used.

Diameter Configuration

Specific configuration for the Diameter behaviour of the DSG-SCP application is contained within the extended config section of the application’s configuration in the diameter configuration block. This block is further broken into multiple sections:

    <application name="<application instance name>" module="DsgScpApp">
            <!-- Diameter request message configuration -->
            <!-- Diameter response message configuration -->

These sub-sections are: