Notification Messages

Notification Messages

As part of handling defined action rules for error handling, billing bypass, and Diameter Result-Code processing, a pre-configured notification message may be sent via SMPP. Such notification messages are identified with a name so that they may be invoked by the applicable action rules.

Notification messages are always sent to the subscriber MSISDN.

Some parameters can have defaults specified within the application parameters, and these may be overridden on a per-notification basis. Note that if default values are not specified, all notification messages must specify all values.

A sample notification configuration might be:

    <application name="<application instance name>" module="DsgScpApp">
        <parameter name="notification_app_name_default" value="SMPP"/>
        <parameter name="notification_from_default" value="123"/>
          <notification name="notf1">I am a notification with defaults.</notification>
          <notification name="notf2" app="SMPP2" from="456">I am a notification with overrides.</notification>

In the above, two notifications are defined and would have the following configuration:

Name From Address Sending
notf1 123 SMPP I am a notification with defaults.
notf2 456 SMPP2 I am a notification with overrides.

Configuration Details

Each notification can support the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
name String [Required] The unique name for this notification message. Used in rule actions to specify the notification to send.
app String [Conditional] The destination N2SVCD SMPP application to use to send the notification message. Must be specified if no default value exists in the application parameters.
from String [Conditional] The from address for the notification message. Must be specified if no default value exists in the application parameters. Note that this value does not undergo denormalisation
flash Boolean Whether the message should be treated as a flash message (i.e. displayed without storage).
(Default: false)
(text) String The plain text body of the notification message. Will be encoded into the appropriate on-the-wire characters by the sending N2SVCD SMPP application.