DSG-SCP Configuration

As the available DSG-SCP configuration is extensive, it is broken into several sections. The overall structure of the DSG-SCP configuration within an N2SVCD configuration is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <application name="<application instance name>" module="DsgScpApp">
        <!-- Top-level parameters for DSG-SCP overall configuration -->
          <!-- Tag assignment configuration -->
          <!-- Diameter-specific configuration for the DSG-SCP -->
          <!-- Notification message configuration -->
          <!-- FCI message configuration -->
          <!-- SCI message configuration -->
          <!-- Error handling configuration -->
          <!-- External processing configuration -->
          <!-- Billing bypass configuration -->
          <!-- Special number handling rules for the DSG-SCP -->
          <!-- Normalisation rules for the DSG-SCP -->
          <!-- Denormalisation rules for the DSG-SCP -->
          <!-- SSP selection rules for the DSG-SCP -->
          <!-- Available SRPs for the DSG-SCP -->
          <!-- Pre-defined trace traps configuration -->

Note that the configuration uses the term “SSP” to refer to both INAP SSP and CAMEL MSC endpoints.

The DSG-SCP specific configuration sections are set out in the following pages:

Also the following common SCP configuration pages are relevant: