N2SVCD Configuration - ManageApp

Management Application Configuration

The N2SVCD Management Application provides a simple HTTP server to which operators can connect in order to view the current N2SVCD running configuration. Drilldown links allow operators to monitor in-use resources (e.g. to check connection status, and to review long-running calls in progress).

The following configuration is used to create a Management Application instance. You should only ever require one Management Application instance within the N2SVCD.

When the N2SVCD is running, you can connect your web browser to the N2SVCD Management interface at the address http://<n2svcd-host>:8088/.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <application name="Manager" module="ManageApp">
        <parameter name="http_host" value=""/>
        <parameter name="http_port" value="8088"/>

The application element attributes for a Manage Application instance are:

Attribute Type Description
name String [Required] A unique name for this application instance.
module String [Required] ManageApp
include.lib String [Required] ../apps/manage/lib
parameters Array [Required] Array of name = value Parameters for this Application instance.
.http_host String IPv4 Host Name or A.B.C.D IPv4 Address on which to listen for management requests.
(Default =
.http_port Integer IPv4 Port Number on which to listen for management requests.
(Default = 8088).

Example Management Page

An example management page is: