N2SVCD Configuration - DiameterApp

Diameter Application Configuration

The N2SVCD Diameter Application is a protocol gateway application which can perform client requests using the Diameter protocol. The N-Squared Tester Application requires a Diameter Application instance to be installed in order to execute Diameter tests.

The following configuration is used to create a Diameter Application instance to act as a protocol gateway to a Diameter server. A single Diameter Application instance will maintain a single connection to a single Diameter Server Address. If you need to connect to more than one remote Diameter Server Address, you must configure multiple Diameter Application instances (each with unique names).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <application name="DIAMETER-S1" module="DiameterApp">
        <parameter name="remote_host" value=""/>
        <parameter name="remote_port" value="4999"/>
        <parameter name="origin_host" value="IN Tester"/>
        <parameter name="vendor_id" value="10415"/>
        <parameter name="reconnect_interval" value="30"/>

The application element attributes for a Diameter Application instance are:

Attribute Type Description
name String [Required] A unique name for this application instance.
module String [Required] DiameterApp
include.lib String [Required] ../apps/diameter/lib
parameters Array [Required] Array of name = value Parameters for this Application instance.
.remote_host String [Required] IPv4 Host Name or A.B.C.D IPv4 Address for Diameter Server.
.remote_port Integer [Required] IPv4 Port Number for Diameter Server.
.origin_host String Value for the Diameter Origin-Host AVP to provide in all requests.
(Default = <our-FQDN>).
.origin_realm String Value for the Diameter Origin-Realm AVP to provide in all requests.
(Default = <our-domain>).
.vendor_id Integer Value for the Diameter Vendor-ID AVP to provide in all requests.
(Default = 0).
.connection_backlog Integer Number of in-progress requests to allow on a connection.
(Default = 10).
.backlog_timeout Integer Number of seconds to wait for a free connection before abandoning the request.
(Default = 10 seconds).
.server_timeout Integer Number of seconds to wait on a submitted request before abandoning the request.
(Default = 20 seconds).
.reconnect_interval Integer Time in seconds between attempts to re-connect a failed Diameter connection.
(Default = 5 seconds).

Note: Typical Diameter Servers will allow multiple outstanding requests per client connection.