N2SVCD Configuration - FoxApp

FOX Application Configuration

The N2SVCD FOX Application is a protocol gateway application which can perform client requests using the FOX protocol. The FOX protocol is the proprietary protocol used for real-time communication by the Oracle NCC VWS nodes.

The following configuration is used to create a FOX Application instance to act as a protocol gateway to all VWS nodes in an NCC installation.

If you need to connect to more than one NCC installation (e.g. if your site has separate Production and Model SMS nodes), then you must configure multiple FOX Application instances (one for each NCC SMS node).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <application name="FOX" module="FoxApp">
        <parameter name="db_app_name_smf" value="DB-PROD-SMF"/>

The application element attributes for a FOX Application instance are:

Attribute Type Description
name String [Required] A unique name for this application instance.
module String [Required] FoxApp
include.lib String [Required] ../apps/fox/lib
parameters Array [Required] Array of name = value Parameters for this Application instance.
.db_app_name_smf String Name for DBApp instance to query for the VWS (BE) Domain Node configuration.
This DBApp instance must be connected to an OCNCC SMF node.
(Default = DB-SMF).
.connection_backlog Integer Number of in-progress requests to allow on a connection.
(Default = 10).
.backlog_timeout Integer Number of seconds to wait for a free connection before abandoning the request.
(Default = 10 seconds).
.server_timeout Integer Number of seconds to wait on a submitted request before abandoning the request.
(Default = 20 seconds).
.reconnect_interval Integer Time in seconds between attempts to re-connect a failed FOX connection.
(Default = 5 seconds).
.ping_interval Integer Time in seconds between 'ping' to check connection on an inactive FOX connection.
A ping_interval of zero will disable ping connection checks.
(Default = 60 seconds).
.client_name String The name by which the FOX Client will identify itself when connecting to NCC.
Each client connecting to the NCC BE must use a unique string for this purpose.
(Default = 'N2FOX-<short-hostname>').

At startup, the FoxApp Application will connect to the specified DB connection and will read all of the VWS nodes from the CCS_DOMAIN_NODES database table. It will create one permanent, re-usable connection for each configured node.

If the CCS_DOMAIN_NODES table is modified, the changes will not be applied until the n2svcd process is restarted.