Voucher Server (N2VS)

Voucher Server

The N-Squared Voucher Server is a scalable voucher management solution for managing encrypted PINs which may be redeemed by customers/subscribers for a benefit.

Our voucher server is deployed with all the important features of a voucher management solution, including:

  • Voucher generation, based on configurable encryption profiles.
  • Configurable-length PINs (HRNs), with each voucher HRN being unique and managed by a customisable voucher lifecycle.
  • An extensible voucher distribution management to manage secure distribution of vouchers in batches to partners and edge-network sales and distribution systems.
  • Voucher type configuration, to define the value of vouchers when redeemed.
  • Thorough published APIs, including a comprehensive REST API for BSS integration and atomic voucher redemption (including N2OCS and 3rd party system redemption).

When combined with the N-Squared OCS, the voucher server provides a whole-lifecycle management solution for prepaid vouchers which may be redeemed by subscribers for balances against an OCS wallet.



N2 Voucher Server documentation.

Deployment Notes

Platform Sizing

The N-Squared Voucher Server is an flexible, self-contained system suitable for operators of all sizes needing a cost-effective, site-customizable voucher server for telecommunications vouchers.

The solution is deployed on top of MongoDB cluster for high-availability and redundancy. Deployment models are flexible to suit load-sharing and disaster recovery deployments.

OSS/BSS Features

The N2TTG service definition is performed using a high-level text-based scripting language. A Graphical Interface is provided for platform maintenance. Standard Operational functions include Alarms, Statistics, and Event Data Records.

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