Installation Overview

The N-Squared Session Initiation Protocol software is released in multiple packages to provide the various logical components for a complete platform.

Instructions for installing these packages are given below.

Once installed, the appropriate configuration must be applied in order to bring the platform into service.

OS Support

All N2SIP packages are designed to be installed on Linux-based systems such as Red Hat Linux and Debian. Installation is performed using standard package management tools:

N2SIP is officially supported on the following systems:

In practice, N2SIP will run on any relatively modern Debian-based or Red Hat-based distribution with appropriate adjustments to these installation instructions.

Minimum Server Requirements

Each logical component has slightly different recommended minimum requirements:

Type Free Disk RAM CPU GHz Notes
SVC 5GB 8GB 2x 2GHz Resource-intensive under load; scale according to expected traffic.
GUI 1Gb 1Gb 2GHz Lightweight web application only.
DB 50GB 8GB 2GHz Moderately intensive under load.

In cases where components are co-installed, the more demanding figures should be used.

Installation Planning

At minimum, an N2SIP platform must be able to perform the functions of the GUI, SVC, and DB logical components for feature-completeness. These may be on separate physical or virtual servers, or co-hosted as required. There may also be multiple instances of any component type, as required for business continuity or expected traffic load.

When planning the footprint of an N2SIP platform, the following recommendations apply for production environments:

Installation Disclaimer

No installation guide can cover every pre-requisite or potential eventuality of package installation. While N-Squared has documented the expected N2SIP installation steps, sometimes a target environment may differ in an unexpected manner and require additional or alternative steps actions to achieve an operational N2SIP environment. Please contact N-Squared to discuss such situations.

Package Availability

Individual packages for manual installation are available on request from N-Squared as part of a licensed software or services agreement.

N-Squared may alternately furnish access details for a software repository that can be integrated with your OS package management tools or satellite repository server directly for ease of installation and maintenance.

Package Versions

All packages distributed by N-Squared will include the following parts to identify them uniquely:

Package names take a slightly different format, depending on the OS type.

RPM-based Systems DEB-based Systems
<NAME>-<M>.<m>.<p>-b.noarch.rpm <NAME>_<M>.<m>.<p>-<b>_all.deb

Installation Instructions

Instructions for the installation of each logical component are given in the following sub-sections:

There is no required order of installation for N2SIP components. However, in order to complete the appropriate configuration of the platform, all planned components should be fully installed before such configuration is started.

Note that specific steps may have to be performed prior to component installation on Red Hat or Debian systems.