RTP Test Application Configuration

The RTP Test Application is a utility application which allows for the comparison of a played RTP audio stream against a list of files loaded from disk.

Here is a configuration example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- TestRtpUdpApp for receiving and comparing UDP RTP packets. -->
    <application name="TestRtpUdpApp" module="TestRtpUdpApp">
            <parameter name="inbound_rtp_local_host" value="${N2SVCD_TEST_IP}"/>
            <parameter name="rtp_start_port" value="3000"/>
            <parameter name="rtp_streams_per_app" value="40"/>

Note the use of ${N2SVCD_TEST_IP}. All parameter value attributes support the use of environment variables to allow a single n2svcd.xml to operate on different platforms without needing to be modified for each platform.

Configuration Details

The application element attributes for SIP Test Application instance may include the below.

For details of the various parameter types used, refer to Common Configuration.

Parameter Name Type XML Type Description
See: Common Application configuration
module String Attribute [Required] TestRtpUdpApp
include.lib String Attribute [Required] ../../n2sip/apps/rtp_test/lib
[Required] ../../n2sip/apps/rtp/lib
[Required] ../../n2sip/lib
[Required] ../lib
parameters Array Element [Required] As per Common Configuration Application parameters.
"inbound_rtp_local_host" String Atrribute Local IPv4 Host Name or A.B.C.D IPv4 Address which the UDP server listens on.
(Default =, all addresses)
"rtp_start_port" Integer Attribute The lowest IPv4 Port Number which will be assigned. This must be an even-numbered port.
Each stream requires two ports – the even-numbered port for RTP and the odd-numbered port for RTCP.
Hence each TestRtpUdpApp will use 2 * rtp_streams_per_app ports.
The lowest port will be rtp_start_port and the highest port will be rtp_start_port + (2 * repeat * rtp_streams_per_app) - 1.
All ports in the range must be strictly reserved. The stream will fail if the port is not available.
(Default = 3000).
"rtp_streams_per_app" Integer Attribute Number of simultaneous audio streams that a single TestRtpUdpApp will support.
(Default = 20).

Message Handling

In addition to the common Application management messages, the TestRtpUdpApp uses the following messages: