Charging/Voucher (N2OCS)

Online Charging & Voucher Server

N-Squared’s Online Charging Server

The N-Squared Online Charging Server (N2OCS) is a cost-effective, extensible charging platform suitable for small-scale and market-entry deployments where mainstream industry solutions may not be appropriate.

Our OCS is deployed with a comprehensive range of built-in features, including:

  • A robust rating engine capable of both immediate and reservation-based rating, with:
    • Session and event rating support.
    • Rating selection, based on the rating context supplied by the requestee.
    • Balance cascade rules for ordering buckets for rating.
    • Hierarchical geographic and non-geographic definitions for rating based on best-match.
    • Non-Hierarchical rating, where hierarchical rating is inappropriate.
    • Flexible reservation control, with rules to determine minimum quanta, maximum charges and reservation expiry.
  • Wallet management for managing balances by bucket, with:
    • Support for shared wallets, and shared wallet controls.
    • Support for bucket controls over bucket types and value limits.
    • Wallet lifecycle notifications, such as SMS notifications for lifecycle changes or upcoming bucket or wallet expiry.
    • Subscriptions and subscription management.
    • Custom service exposure for named services for credit or debit over API.
  • Customisable state machines for managing wallet and voucher lifecycles, subscriptions lifecycles, notifications and bucket expiry.
  • A flexible policy management system supporting product type definitions which apply variable functionality to different call scenarios based on wallet details.
  • Thorough published APIs, including:
    • A comprehensive REST API for BSS integration and real-time rating and session control.
    • Full charging control over Diameter, using the N-Squared HPP.
    • Java APIs, for charging control over the N-Squared Java SLEE environment.
  • Extensive support for extensions to the OCS.
  • Comprehensive operational support with:
    • Event Data Records (EDRs)
    • Statistics and Java logback logging
    • An end-to-end reporting/BI solution with end-to-end data flow management and dashboard reporting tools.

When integrated with the N-Squared Inter-Working Function, N-Squared’s software stack can form a complete prepaid charging solution for small-scale and market-entry deployments with INAP/CAMEL voice call control, Diameter session control and SMS/Event charging.


N-Squared’s Voucher Server

The N-Squared Voucher Server is a scalable voucher management solution for managing encrypted PINs which may be redeemed by customers/subscribers for a benefit.

Our voucher server is deployed with all the important features of a voucher management solution, including:

  • Voucher generation, based on configurable encryption profiles.
  • Configurable-length PINs (HRNs), with each voucher HRN being unique and managed by a customisable voucher lifecycle.
  • An extensible voucher distribution management to manage secure distribution of vouchers in batches to partners and edge-network sales and distribution systems.
  • Voucher type configuration, to define the value of vouchers when redeemed.
  • Thorough published APIs, including a comprehensive REST API for BSS integration and atomic voucher redemption (including N2OCS and 3rd party system redemption).

When combined with the N-Squared OCS, the voucher server provides a whole-lifecycle management solution for prepaid vouchers which may be redeemed by subscribers for balances against an OCS wallet.


N-Squared’s OCS Customer Relationship Management System

The N-Squared OCS can optionally be deployed with the N-Squared CRM, a lightweight customer management system to manage customer account details and their associated OCS wallets.

Our CRM supports a set of core features, including:

  • The creation of and lifecycle management for customer accounts, with:
    • Management of one or more wallets per account.
    • Just in time and batch provisioning of wallets and account data to both the N-Squared OCS and 3rd party systems (e.g. HSS, PCRF and other network components).
  • Support for key Customer Service Representative (CSR) functions, including:
    • Event history, including charging and credit history against OCS wallets.
    • Balance adjustments via direct credit, direct debit, voucher pack (add-on), voucher and voucher type adjustments.
  • Fraud detection and management.

The N-Squared CRM is designed to compliment the N-Squared OCS administration screens, and is suitable for customer service representatives and call center staff.


N-Squared’s Web-Self Care

A comprehensive telecommunications pre-paid solution may be deployed with self-care features via USSD/SMPP or IVR, and with the N-Squared web-based self-care solution, subscribers may also manage their accounts directly via any web-enabled device.

Our web self-care supports the following features:

  • White-labelling, to align the self-care application with client branding.
  • User self-registration, account and wallet self-management.
  • Support for self-registration of MSISDNs via a secure SMS authentication process.
  • Voucher redemption and bundle purchase.
  • Support for adding credit via 3rd party payment gateways such as Stripe.
  • Credit transfer between wallets.



N2 Online Charging Server documentation.

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